Why should I come/what will I get out of it?

  • Andrea’s compelling accounts of her frontline experience in UK legal and advocacy work are inspiring
  • Come and hear how she maintains her hope, confidence and strength, in the face of relentless challenges
  • Andrea’s conviction of the power of God’s truth will inspire you with a deeper confidence that Christians can still make a difference, despite today’s challenges
  • One of Andrea’s deepest passions is to see an awakening of God’s church – to unashamedly stand for Jesus’ loving truth

Why should I bring my friends/what will they hear?

  • Both with her tireless energy, and her rousing accounts of frontline advocacy work, Andrea’s passion to see Christians engage with society is infectious
  • Her motivation and output is unashamedly aimed at glorifying God
  • In an age when many Christians are tempted to withdraw, Andrea’s life and work are a compelling example of how Christians must engage with society, without losing the heart of the gospel

Why would I advertise it in my church/small group?

  • Why not bring your friends and small group along to hear Andrea’s bold and inspiring vision for Christians influencing society
  • Bring your leaders to help them grow in confidence in God’s loving truth
  • How can we be confident and faithful in today’s ‘post-Christian, post-truth world’?
  • How can we be bold in standing for God’s truth, without losing the gospel?
  • How is your church growing in confidence in Jesus’ loving truth – in the marketplace and in the public square?